Archimigo - Security Architecture Simplified.

A SaaS application incorporating Security Architecture, Design, Risk & Continuous Compliance Validation.


Why Archimigo?

Easy Intregration
Security is a blocker

Archimigo provides deep learning based security architecture & compliance automation solution which enhances complex design and decision making processes and simplifies security architecture. With Archimigo onerous and time-consuming tasks can be completed more efficiently and effectively. Archimigo gives for information security professionals a depth of insight that was never available before.

Latest Technology
Blocker not an Enabler

Archimigo helps security teams to manage their security architecture, risk, and compliance functions under one platform and provides the ability to create artefacts at speed with pre-built templates and ability to fast track the decision-making process through workflow automation. With Archimigo, Security becomes an enabler instead of being a blocker.

Cloud Service
Expensive & Skills Shortage

Archimigo enables businesses to perform security function with limited support from the security team hence reduces the impact on its resources. Our deep learning capability automatically discovers security architecture & compliance patterns from a range of datasets; hence it reduces the dependency on expensive, difficult-to-find security architects.

User Permissions
Limited Integration & Collaboration

Archimigo integrates with leading public cloud platform providers such as AWS, GCP and Azure toprovide visibility & continuous architecture validation. Archimigos Security architecture and compliance modules are tightly integrated which provides a single pane of glass view on security architecture & compliance. Customers can export the risks from Archimigo ARC platform to their GRC platforms. Archimigo enables the security team to collaborate with their internal teams such as solution architects, infrastructure, GRC team & key project decisions makers to fast track decision-making process.

How it works


Architecture Automation Module (AAM)

Security Architecture & Compliance Automation platform augments information security team with automated generation of architecture and risks from analysis of vast volumes of security patterns and templates to relieve skilled security architects, designers and GRC analysts of traditionally manual processes and allow them to focus on what they do best.

  • Access to 300+ prebuilt security architecture patterns and it keeps growing.
  • Prebuilt security requirements based on industry standards such as NIST, PCI-DSS, ISO27001.
  • Collaboration & workflow automation – create and share security architecture document with your teams for review and approval.
  • Integration with Architecture Risk & Compliance (ARC) module – add and remove risks related to security architecture and design automatically with few clicks
  • Support from Archimigo advisory panel on your security architecture design review and feedback

Architecture, Risk & Compliance (ARC)

Perform information security risk assessments effectively and rapidly using prebuilt risk library.

  • Ability to modify and add prebuilt risk library.
  • Collaboration & workflow automation – create and share information security risk assessments with your teams for review.
  • Integration with Architecture Automation Module to manage security risks created during multiple phases of the project.
  • Ability to continuously validate the security posture of applications and infrastructure against approved security architecture patterns and compliance requirements in real-time.
  • Support from Archimigo expert panel on security risk assessment document review and feedback.

Architecture Compliance Enforcement (ACE)

  • Real-time enforcement against security architecture patterns and compliance requirements.
  • Ability to learn and enhance patterns based on existing architecture.
  • Alert security team on violation against approved architecture.

User Experience Driven Design

  • Even though Archimigo is a security application, we have focused on designing an application which can be easily adapted and consumed by non-security professionals.
  • It is not easy to do UX in cybersecurity , but we have managed it keep the UX simple and lean since we have an excellent understanding of security architecture, compliance, and the technology ecosystem.

Cyber Security Advisory Panel

  • Certified Information Security Professionals from #TeamArchimigo are exclusively available for Archimigo customers to reach out to get advice on information security-related matters, e.g., for architecture & design validation.
  • Our Team

    Noor Magesh


    Magesh Dhanasekaran

    Principal Architect


    Application Security Advisor

    Noorul Haneef

    Security Architect

    Srinivasan Ramesh

    Senior Fullstack Developer

    Vignesh Raja

    DevOps Engineer

    Ganesh Subramaniyan

    Security Analyst

    Our Planned Integration Roadmap

    Archimigo integrates with public cloud platforms for architecture compliance validation and enforcement.

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    Archimigo integrates with following service management and Collaborative solutions for Alerting.

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    Archimigo integrates with following security solutions for logging and key management (customer supplied keys).

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    Archimigo integrates with following platforms for SSO & MFA.

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    Supported Information security compliance standards

    Available now.

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    Available from Q4 2019 / Q1 2020.

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